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2015-2025 PLANS

We further set out to start the development of a zonal center in the fields: education, culture, health, sports, tourism, business, etc .. We plan to achieve the following objectives:

1   Take-out 1000 sqm
2   Market & Garden Centre 2500 sqm
3   Entrance & Park administration 1000 sqm
4   Showgarden for mass-plantings
1300 sqm
5   Culture, Exhibition, Training Centre 6000 sqm
6   Edible Garden, Facilities
20000 sqm
7   Foundation Headquarters 4500 sqm
8   Shows, Concerts area 6000 sqm
9   Sport-SPA-Therapies Centre 20000 sqm
10   Accomodation Complex 7400 sqm
11   Restaurant 500 sqm
12   Residential area
34000 sqm

To achieve these objectives, but also to ensure that they will be coordinated in a professional manner, we decided to seek to associate with persons / companies / institutions with experience in the specific activity of each objective.

The park, by all its activities, will promote "back to nature" concept - for rediscovering the joy of living.