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2008 - New plant collections

Our goal: to create some collections of ornamental plants with lower needs in cultivation. We found peonies - woody and herbaceous ones, which after adjustment, does not require too much attention to cultivation, but rewarding us with beautiful flowers every spring.
Peony was declared the national flower of China and there are research centers dedicated to obtaining varieties with high decorative qualities. We contacted the main center and asked for a selection of varieties adapted to our climate zone, to set up a representative collection of Chinese peonies in Romania. They responded with great kindness and sent us 134 varieties of Paeonia suffruticosa, P.rockii and P.lactiflora. They informed us that in Europe there is now a larger collection in the field.
We got vigorous and healthy plants in exceptionally good condition. We arranged them along walkways and form islands

Ornamental grasses have been introduced into cultivation by selection from those who withstand the harsh conditions (prairie, steppe, ...). and they can decorate a garden in a quite a spectacular manner.
We formed the collection of ornamental grass, bringing the plants from Poland, Germany, England, Belgium and Holland. The landscape design project was done in the family. Professor of
Romanian language and literature, Mihai Mada, Mihaela-Aurora Buzatu's father, dared to draw a pattern composed of combinations of geometric shapes.